Uses for Eco Logs:



Wood Heaters & Open Fireplaces: Eco Logs provide long lasting warmth and hot coals for those cold winter nights. They are completely at home in any form of combustion wood heater or open fireplace.

Barbeques: Eco Logs contain no chemicals or additives and as a consequence are completely safe when used to cook food. They can be easily broken up into smaller pieces for use in home BBQ's.

Braziers: Ideally suited for outdoor burning in Braziers at resturants or when entertaining at home during summer.

Picnics and Camp Fires: Because of their portability, Eco Logs are great to take on picnics as well as weeekend camping trips. No more wet wood worries!

Ski Weekends: Going away for the weekend to a lodge? Take along a pack or two.

Chimineas: High radiant heat and low ash make Eco Logs the perfect fuel for burning in Chimineas. Check manufacturer's details to ensure compatability.

Wood Fired Pizza and Bread Ovens: On the industrial front, Eco Logs can be purchased in bulk and used as an alternative high heat output solid fuel that when burnt produces lower CO and particulate emisions than air dried timber.